Top 5 tips for lip care from the experts
Top 5 tips for lip care from the experts

Julie Horne is well-known around the world for her expert techniques in lip injections. Originally a registered nurse from Sweden, with many years of experience working in cardiac surgery, she now works at one of Norway’s most successful aesthetic clinics.

Julie Horne is also owner of Julie Horne Academy where she trains aesthetic doctors and nurses who travel from all around the globe to attend her Lip Masterclasses.

As a child, Julie was quite artistic. She used to draw faces and did thousands of portraits. She thinks this is the reason why she became so interested in facial features.

Julie Horne performs all kinds of filler treatments, but her specialty is lip injections. Lips have always been in focus when it comes to hyaluronic acid fillers, but the ideals have changed through the years. According to Julie, women today want natural results. The biggest challenge is to “exterminate” unnatural results by spreading her vision, knowledge, and techniques all around the world.

Being a master in lip injection techniques, Julie also knows how to take care of lips. We asked her for her top five tips for lip care:

  1. Hydrate the lips by drinking plenty of water. You should also use an effective lip balm or extra virgin coconut oil on the lips.
  2. Use an exfoliator two to three times a week to remove dead skin cells.
  3. Protect your lips by using sunblock with SPF factor 50, at least during the summer or during vacation.
  4. Lifestyle factors are important. You should avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.
  5. Last but not least, you can use hyaluronic acid. A lip injection with hyaluronic acid will give the lips a smooth and nice texture. A lip injection can also remove fine lines and wrinkles around the lips.


Safety is big concern for Julie Horne and she advises to make sure to always consult a professional healthcare practitioner with the right training and experience.

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