Jawline – the new trend in aesthetic treatments? - 2019
Jawline – the new trend in aesthetic treatments? - 2019

If you search for “jawline filler” on Google Trends, you will no doubt notice that it is trending. And as usual with social media, you end up with both the worst and the best in terms of aesthetic treatment results. 

A well-defined and sharp jawline is seen as an attractive feature in both women and men. Because of social media, there is an increased awareness of what is available and what is achievable. Injections of a jawline filler is a very accessible aesthetic treatment that has almost no downtime and very little discomfort for the patient. Compared to surgery, a jawline filler is also much more affordable and could last for 6 months up to two years. 


From lips and volume to bone support

For many years aesthetic treatments with fillers have focused on the lips and on restoring and enhancing volume in the midface. Now there is an increased focus on the lower face, not least the jawline. The bone support is very important for defining our facial features. To a large extent, the jawline and chin determine our facial shape. Just adding a few millimeters on the chin and along the jawline can have a significant effect and bring your overall appearance into balance. Not least if you have already had treatments in the midface, a little touch to the lower face could enhance your facial shape and bring everything into proportion. 


Aging changes the proportions of the face

One reason for the trend on internet is that over the last years, the knowledge has increased of what is possible to achieve with fillers and how the face changes with the aging process. 

As we age, our bodies are affected by bone loss, which is distinctly noticeable in the posterior jaw. The angle of the mandible will lose its sharpness, which is so characteristic of a young face. On Instagram you will therefore sometimes see an angle hook or a ruler showing how the angle of the mandible has been restored by a jawline filler or by surgery. As it is on Instagram, there will also be a lot of examples of over-treated persons. Still, what the angle hooks and rulers illustrate is that a visible angle of the mandibles is a very desirable feature – overdone or not.

Because of bone resorption in the posterior jaw, the proportions of our face change. One of the effects is that the chin will become more prominent. Another effect is loss of volume caused by bone resorption in the upper face, at the temples. Both of these effects can be treated with fillers.

Jowling also causes a less defined jawline

Jowling is the term used when there is excess skin just below the jawline and chin. When the skin becomes less firm and elastic with age, it will start to sag. In addition, the fat in your cheeks will descend towards the chin and jaw. Both of these effects will cause a less defined jawline. When the posterior jaw is restructured with a jawline filler, the skin will be pulled back and stretched, which means that a jawline filler is a great tool for treating jowling. 


Summary of changes due to the aging process:

  • Bone resorption, particularly visible in the posterior jaw and at the temples
  • Loss of facial fat
  • Fat compartments in the cheeks descend below the jawline
  • Loss of skin elasticity and firmness
  • Loss of hydration due to a decreased amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin


A jawline filler must be firm in order to create a sharp jawline

To create the sharp jawline that is so desirable, the filler gel must be firm. In other words, it must have a high G’ (G prime). A filler gel with a high G’ has the ability to resist strain, and is able to project for example the chin or jawline over time. 


Restore and enhance your facial features with volume and structure

An attractive face is a face where the different features are balanced and proportionate. As mentioned in the beginning, the focus on volumizing the midface that has been in vogue for some time now, risks creating facial features that are not in balance with each other. A slightly sharper jawline together with a little bit of volume in the lips and cheeks should be aimed at perfecting your own looks and not create an over-treated look. Fillers can help you enhance your own uniqueness without becoming a caricature of yourself. 

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