How to get a balanced and fresh face with chin fillers - 2019
How to get a balanced and fresh face with chin fillers - 2019

Aesthetic treatments have for many years focused on the midface, for good reasons. Adding volume to the cheeks can give a more youthful or feminine appearance. By adding volume and structure in the midface you can also reduce signs of aging. However, the lower part of the face, from the nostrils and downwards, has for a long time been somewhat neglected –except for the lips. The shape of the lower part of the face has a major impact on our overall appearance. It adds balance to our face and it can also affect how old we look. 


The lower part of the face is coming into focus in aesthetic treatments

The balance and proportions of the different parts of our face affect our appearance to a large extent. Small changes, for example a little bit more projected chin, or a more angled chin in a man, could make much difference for the overall appearance. For these reasons, the lower part of the face has gained more focus in recent years in aesthetic treatments. In addition, the development of new dermal fillers, with different levels of firmness, has supplied healthcare practitioners with even better tools for building structure in for example the chin and jaw. 

In this article you can read about: 

  • Why fillers are replacing surgery
  • Why healthcare practitioners focus on a balanced face
  • Differences in the shape of the chin between men and women
  • Risks and side effects from the aesthetic treatment
  • Recovery and results


Chin augmentation with dermal fillers are replacing chin surgery

Fillers are now replacing surgery to an increasing extent. Chin augmentation is a good example where this minimally invasive aesthetic treatment is replacing chin surgery. Many patients, who may want a different shape of their chin, believe that this is only achievable with chin implants. As dermal fillers are minimally invasive and involve less downtime compared to chin surgery, fillers should be considered as a first choice. The different types of dermal fillers that are available today for chin augmentation or for sculpturing the chin, mean that healthcare practitioners can give patients a natural-looking result, with a minimum of risks compared to chin surgery. 


The importance of the chin for a balanced face 

What is attractive is individual to each of us and you should always work with a healthcare practitioner who understands your view on beauty. There are however some general ideas and approaches among physicians and healthcare practitioners that could be interesting to know. 

One thing that healthcare practitioners look at is balance. People who have had filler injections in the midface, but have neglected the lower part of the face, may end up with an unbalanced or disproportionate face. Focusing on the jawline and the shape or projection of the chin is the next step of personalized aesthetic treatments, to enhance the patient’s individual beauty. 

The chin affects our facial shape to a great extent. A very short chin may give the impression of a round face shape. If the chin is elongated it can give the face a more oval shape, depending on the patient’s preferences. The chin also affects how we look in profile. The balance of the tip of the nose, the lips, and the chin is a key factor that affects the attractiveness of a face. Small changes are often enough to give balance. Chin surgery is therefore not necessary in most cases for chin augmentation or reshaping the chin. Aesthetic treatments with dermal fillers are often a much better choice in terms of safety, price, and quick results. 

Differences in the shape of the chin between men and women 

As already mentioned, beauty is individual. Depending on preferences, it could be good to know some general differences between men and women regarding the shape of the chin. The chin is often a little bit more pointed in women and broader and more defined in men. A female face is usually more rounded, including the chin, whereas men tend to have chins with more pronounced angles. Depending on taste and preferences, these facial features can be augmented with dermal fillers. 


Risks and side effects from chin sculpturing or chin augmentation with fillers

Dermal fillers with hyaluronic acid have been used for more than 20 years in aesthetic treatments. Their popularity is based on the exceptional results but also the low risks involved compared to surgery. As mentioned, dermal fillers can be used instead of chin surgery in many cases. As with other types of dermal filler treatments, side effects, such as allergic reactions, might occur and healthcare practitioners know how to take care of them. Make sure to always choose a qualified healthcare practitioner who uses products of proven and well-researched quality. 


Treatment and recovery

Dermal fillers have different firmness. Simply put, firmer gels are used to build structure whereas softer gels are used to give volume. Depending on what results you are after, your healthcare practitioner will use the product that is right for you. 

As with other types of dermal filler treatments, you may feel a little pain when a filler is injected in your chin, but patients normally perceive the pain as mild. Lidocaine, a local anesthetic, is integrated in most fillers today, which reduces the discomfort. The injection point may become a little red and in some cases the patient bleeds a little bit when the filler is injected. After the treatment, you may feel some pain or tension in your chin. Other expected reactions at the injection site are bruising, swelling and itching.

Non-permanent but lasting results 

Dermal fillers have a lasting but not permanent effect. It varies from patient to patient, but in general, the effect lasts for six months up to two years.


“Uniquely you”

As we age our face changes in many different ways. Chin sculpturing or chin augmentation with dermal fillers can adjust for those changes as they are not permanent. This means that you can have a youthful, natural, and balanced face at all stages in life. You can be uniquely you, both today and in the future. 

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