No surgery needed for a chin augmentation - 2019
No surgery needed for a chin augmentation - 2019

Just as in the pharmaceutical and life science industries, there is a rapid development of new solutions within the aesthetics industry. Surgery is to a large extent replaced by minimally invasive treatments. Procedures, such as a chin augmentation, which was previously quite complicated (inserting a chin implant, with a considerable downtime for the patient) can now be achieved in just 10 to 15 minutes with a dermal filler.


Dermal fillers can be used to enhance the facial shape and contours

A couple of decades ago, dermal fillers were mostly used to fill out wrinkles and lines. Thereafter came the strong trend of restoring and enhancing volume, such as in the cheeks and in the lips. Today, fillers are also used to enhance the facial shape and contours, either to compensate for the bone loss that takes place especially in the lower jaw as we age, or to enhance facial features that are not so well-defined from the beginning. 


A prevailing worry that it will look fake

For most people outside the world of aesthetics, even a dermal filler treatment could be perceived as “too much”. There is a prevailing worry that such treatments will look overdone and fake. This concern mainly stems from the fact that it is the over-treated people that you notice. The vast majority of people who have had aesthetic treatments with a dermal filler have such natural results that it is very hard to see that they have had anything done. Perhaps you will notice that they suddenly look more fresh, relaxed, and rested. Or more confident and happy with themselves. So, it is the over-treated people that you see, but they are not very representative of the growing number of people who have had a dermal filler treatment. Most people do not want to look fake, they want to look the best version of themselves

It is important to remember though that the ones that you think look over-treated perhaps went for that look. Because that is the beauty (to use a fitting expression) of dermal fillers – you can personalize the treatment to your own needs and wishes


Typical worries before a dermal filler treatment:

  • I will look fake.
    No you will not, unless you want to.
  • It is unnatural.
    Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance that keeps our body tissues hydrated and flexible.
  • I will be swollen for a long time after the injection.
    No, swelling typically resolves spontaneously within a few days or up to two weeks. You can go back to work after the treatment.


Chin augmentation with hyaluronic acid gel 

To come back to the question of chin augmentation, this is a procedure that can now be achieved with dermal fillers. Today, the vast majority of dermal fillers are injectable fillers made of hyaluronic acid gel. Hyaluronic acid occurs naturally in the body. It can bind large amounts of water and thereby keeps our body tissues and skin flexible, smooth, and hydrated. 

Hyaluronic acid in its natural form is a soluble substance and if you inject hyaluronic acid as it is, it will spread from the injection site and the body’s own enzymes will degrade it in a day or two. To make an injectable filler last longer, the hyaluronic acid must be prevented from dissolving. This is accomplished by using a so called cross-linking technology. 


Because hyaluronic acid is so natural for us, dermal fillers are extremely well tolerated.

Side effects are usually some swelling, perhaps a bruise, sometimes a little bleeding and some tension under the skin if larger amounts of gel have been injected (such as for a chin augmentation, when you remodel the facial shape). Other common side effects are redness, pain and itching at the injection site. Normally, these side effects disappear within days or within a week or two. There are also other important side effects and before the treatment, you should discuss all possible risks and benefits with your healthcare practitioner. 

As stated above, for a chin augmentation, a larger amount of gel is needed than when just filling out wrinkles and lines. However, with “large amounts” we are still talking about milliliters (ml). The dermal filler syringes usually come in 1 ml sizes. For a chin augmentation you may sometimes need several syringes, but still, very small amounts will be needed. The aim is to use as little gel as possible to achieve the desired result.  


Dermal fillers for chin augmentation

Dermal filler that are used for chin augmentation to create angles and sharpness must be firmer than a dermal filler that is used to build volume in soft tissues, for example in the cheek. The gel must be able to project the chin and retain its shape, even if it is exposed to strain, such as when the tight skin over the chin is pressing on the gel. However, if you only want a little soft volume in your chin, a softer filler will be used. Today, healthcare practitioners have many different types of gel to choose from, so that they can tailor the treatment to your preferences. 

Do you really need a chin augmentation?

But why have a chin augmentation at all? Likewise you could ask yourself why you would have a haircut or shave your legs. Those procedures actually produce much more noticeable results, but are never met with the same prejudices. And unlike hyaluronic acid, when it comes to hair color, the chemicals used are often toxic both to us and to the environment. So the situation is rather, if you want to do something for yourself, perhaps to get a little boost and to feel more confident and happy about yourself, there is a range of different possibilities and dermal filler treatments is one of them. 

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