The Restylane story
The Restylane story

Natural elegance, supported by over 20 years of clinical evidence

Delivering reliable outcomes and a proven safety record for more than 20 years, Restylane provides the natural elegance to make you look good and feel good. The broad portfolio of Restylane dermal fillers and Restylane Skinboosters is designed to refine and refresh the youthful appearance of your skin.

Refine and Refresh your skin

Our skin is remarkable, protecting our bodies from the outside world and repairing itself every day. However, with age, lifestyle and environmental factors, like sun damage, smoking and poor diet, the condition of our skin deteriorates.

The Restylane range of products is designed to help to:

  • Refine your facial features by lifting and shaping contours, filling lines and wrinkles or creating natural volume
  • Refresh your skin from within with a boost of deep hydration, for a refreshed and vibrant look that lasts

The broad range of Restylane products used by healthcare practitioners helps to provide a treatment program tailored to your individual needs.

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