Understanding your skin

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We will all experience skin quality changes due to ultra violet radiation (UVR) from the sun as well as changes caused by the passing of time. Restylane can help by filling out wrinkles, restoring lost volume and improving skin structure.

Understanding your skin can be of great help when planning to enhance your appearance. The skin is the largest human organ and has a number of important functions. The skin not just only gives us our appearance and shape, it also serves other important functions such as protecting the body from the environment, preventing excessive water loss from the body and protecting the body from infection.

Reduce skin ageing

As we age, the quality of the skin changes. Collagen and elastic fibres are degraded, and the quality of the body's own hyaluronic acid is reduced. This results in decreased skin elasticity, increased roughness and dryness of the skin. This is partly due to intrinsic factors that are difficult to change, such as our individual genetic code and the biological clock. There are, however, extrinsic or lifestyle factors which we all can control to a certain degree to reduce skin ageing.

UVR damage to the skin

Smoking and drinking, excessive sun exposure and stress, can all speed-up the biological clock. However, of all these aging factors sun damage by UVR poses the greatest threat. In fact, UVR is thought to be responsible for the major part of skin ageing. Without sun damage, we would probably not develop wrinkles until we were in our 80’s.

Restylane products can not turn back the passage of time. However, they can restore skin hydrobalance and improve the skin structure and elasticity, as well as fill out wrinkles and folds and restore facial volume.